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Can I have Aquafree synthetic grass with pets?

      This is the number one question asked by people interested in synthetic grass. Yes, synthetic grass is great with pets. We recommend you pick up solid waste on a regular basis whether you have live grass or synthetic grass.

How long does Aquafree synthetic grass last?

      Synthetic grass has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. The lawn grass and putting green turf are manufactured with a UV stabilizer to help prevent fading or damage caused by sunlight. All our synthetic lawn grass and putting green turf comes with a 5 to 8 year manufacturer’s warranty.

How much does Aquafree grass cost?

      We offer several types of grass and turf with prices starting at around $2 per square foot without installation. The grass comes on a roll, like carpet. The rolls are 12’ to 15’ wide and typically 25’ to 50’ long. However, we can order rolls up to 200’ in length.

What are the size options for an Aquafree putting green?

      Aquafree can install any size putting green just about anywhere. Most of our residential clients opt for a 15’x25’ putting green with a gravel or stone border. A green this size comes with 5 to 6 cups and costs anywhere from about $5,200 to $6,000 depending upon location, site work, and border material. We are huge fans of the patented Tour Links™ putting green flooring panel system. The flooring panels are heavy duty outdoor rated plastic with interlocking edges, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. The panels lock to one another to create a perfectly smooth surface upon which to lay the putting green turf. Under the panels, a layer of gravel is raked and compacted in the shape of the putting green. The panels lie on top of the gravel and will flex to follow the surface topography of the gravel. In our opinion there is not a better system for building a synthetic putting green.

Can I install Aquafree grass or a putting green myself?

      Yes, any do-it-yourselfer can install synthetic lawn grass or a putting green. Aquafree can provide the materials and a quick tutorial for anyone interested in installing our products.

Does Aquafree provide design services?

      Yes, we offer design services. We have provided countless clients with designs to beautify their yard, eliminate erosion problems, reduce maintenance, and save money.

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