AQUAFREE Lawns and Putting Greens can design and build a backyard or indoor putting green to fit any space. An AQUAFREE green has a 10 to 20 year life expectancy and will surely knock just as many strokes off your short game. In fact, some customers report lowering their score by up to 1 stroke per hole.

      An AQUAFREE green provides a great way to entertain guests or wind down after a stressful day at work. A backyard green is also an excellent way to introduce your children to the game of golf. AQUAFREE can build a green indoors, in the yard, and even on the deck or patio. Our greens require no regular maintenance and are made of durable heat spring set nylon fibers with a 5 to 8 year factory warranty which covers fading or other defects.

      What makes our putting/chipping greens different from our competitors? Aside from our design ingenuity and meticulous attention to detail we believe we the 'hole in one' advantage over the rest of the competition as noted below:

  • > Tour Links Panel System – A patented putting green flooring panel system. The flooring panels are heavy duty outdoor rated plastic with interlocking edges, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. The panels lock to one another to create a perfectly smooth surface upon which to lay the putting green turf. Under the panels, a layer of gravel is raked and compacted in the shape of the putting green. The panels lie on top of the gravel and will flex to follow the surface topography of the gravel. Ultimately, this unique panel system is designed to create a foundational support that will last as long {Decades} as your putting green turf itself. In our opinion there is not a better system for building a synthetic putting green.

  •    Please contact AQUAFREE to schedule a design consultation to discuss our putting green packages or to create your own custom design.